perma Lubrication Systems for Electric Motors

Electric motors are found in all types of applications – fans, blowers, pumps, conveyors, etc. The importance of the electric motor is usually not recognized until it fails. Optimal lubrication is the key to increase process safety, equipment service life and productivity. 

Many electric motors are difficult to lubricate because they are located in hard-to-access and dangerous areas. perma-tec offers a variety of solutions which can ensure safe and continuous electric motor lubrication. Extension lines make it possible to install the systems in easily accessible and safe places. This not only increases workplace safety, but also ensures that electric motors are lubricated according to manufacturer specifications.

perma lubrication systems can also be mounted directly on electric motors – even during operation. The exchange is simple and requires no tools. This reduces maintenance time and expenses.

perma-tec offers single-point lubrication systems, multi-point lubrication systems and a large range of suitable accessories and lubricants. The lubricant amount can be individually programmed to meet individual motor requirements. This prevents excess lubrication and lubrication starvation.

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