perma STAR CONTROL Generation 2.0: Precise lubrication with external power supply

Euerdorf. perma-tec, the expert in automatic lubrication, is setting new standards with the release of its automatic lubrication system perma STAR CONTROL Generation 2.0. For more than 50 years, perma-tec has been known for innovative lubrication solutions. The new perma STAR CONTROL Generation 2.0 is extremely flexible and user friendly.

Lubrication is very important for uninterrupted operation. A lot of equipment fails due to incorrect or insufficient lubrication. perma STAR CONTROL has been used successfully for more than 15 years in all types of industries. The new generation includes many enhancements, which makes the system more flexible and user friendly. 

Users that already know the “old” perma STAR CONTROL will immediately recognize the changes. The new display is self-explanatory and easy to understand. It shows the discharge setting, LC size and the operating status. Another great feature is that the system offers two operating modes - TIME and IMPULSE.

In IMPULSE mode, perma STAR CONTROL discharges a predefined lubricant amount every time external power is applied. In TIME mode, the system only discharges when the connected machine is in operation.

The advantage for users: One drive unit for two different operating modes, and a system that can be programmed to meet equipment lubrication specifications.

User friendly operation and precise lubrication
The electromechanical lubrication system consists of a LC unit (transparent plastics) filled with either grease or oil and a reusable drive unit. Both parts can quickly be screwed together by hand. The cable is connected to the machine and supplies the required power. The display is part of the drive unit. Desired settings can be selected with the push button and are immediately displayed. All around visible LED lights signal the operating status of the system. When the system is connected to a PLC, it can transmit signals about operating status or error messages to the PLC.

Three different sizes (60, 120 or 250 cm³) and different settings ensure that manufacturer lubrication specifications can be met. The system builds up pressure to a maximum of 6 bar, which makes it possible to install it away from the lubrication point (max. 5 meters with tubes). This reduces the need to access hard to reach or dangerous lubrication areas and increases workplace safety.

A system for different applications and industries
perma STAR CONTROL is ideal for applications like electric motors, which require exact lubricant amounts and lubrication while motors are in operation.

In addition, the lubrication system seals and protects lubrication points from dust and dirt. This is very important in cement plants. perma STAR CONTROL has been used in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering, in power plants and wherever else PLC connection is important. Precise lubrication which meets manufacturer specifications increases equipment service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Technical data:


DriveElectromechanical, reusable
Power supply9 – 30 V DC
Discharge period

TIME: 1, 2, 3, ... 12 months
IMPULSE: Discharge amount 0.1 to 9.5 cm³

Special discharge         Purge function
Lubricant volume  
60 cm³, 120 cm³ or 250 cm³
Operating temp.-20 °C to +60 °C
Pressure build-up6 bar
Protection classIP 65
Lubricants                   Oil / grease up to NLGI 2